New Horo figure by Volks


Yesterday Quazacolt informed me there was a new Horo figure out but quickly left without giving more information. So I set out in search of whatever Horo figure he was talking about. Much time passed and I’d still not found it. I started thinking perhaps he meant that the second season of Spice and Wolf had be dated for release in July, but I already knew that at the start of May. Eventually I went to sleep having not found whatever it was he was talking about and rather disappointed.

I awoke hours later and continued the search. Finally I found the figure he was talking about, by Volks. A manufacturer I’m not familiar with at the moment. But hopefully soon there’ll be more information available. For now, this page on Tsuki-Board is all I have to go on.

Update: Apparently this is a Volks exclusive, which means it will be very hard to get ones hands on, or very expensive. How unfortunate, but I will try regardless.



  1. Rico-sama says:

    I’m really taken with that pose: it seems perfect for Horo and it’s very unique among figures in general. Bummer that she’ll be limited but I hope you’ll be able to snag her.

    PS. Loving that second face!

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I really hope I can get a hold of her. It seems likely to be expensive though, it’s already 7140 yen, which is $85 CAD. Plus shipping and handling, as well as the cost of the middle man required to purchase…

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