More Horo, another exclusive and a Witch (Updated)

Bit of a compilation post here. I’ve seen a few figures released recently that I’d like to purchase, though likely wont. Especially one of them, since she’s one of those ever so loved exclusive figures. We’ve got some more pictures of the Volks Horo, some pictures of an exclusive Nozomu from Kanokon by Kotobukiya, and some official shots of Kirisame Marisa from Touhou also by Kotobukiya.

Update (2009-06-30): Some additional Information on Ezomori Nozomu.

figure-kotobukiya-marisa-01Kirisame Marisa

Series: Touhou Project
Company: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8
Release: December 2009
Price: ¥7,500 / $90 CAD

Admittedly, I don’t understand this Touhou craze, or even if it’s a craze. I know there’s tons of artwork out there for it, some of it quite well done, and others very poor. But I don’t understand really what the appeal is behind the series. Perhaps it’s just the large number of cute girls in frilly outfits, that seems to be the appeal for me.

This figure by Kotobukiya interests me I think in part because none of the official shots show up her dress. I really do suspect that’s what catches me most. It seems like her dress is perfect for looking right up at that angle, yet there are no shots up it. Enough being a perv though.

The figure seems to be quite detailed, lots of frills, the laces in her boots, the straw in the broom, even her short hair seems to have lots of detail in it. In addition to the apparent details in the sculpt the star also lights up. I wonder if batteries are included.

As of right now I’d like to purchase this figure, however I think I’m going to wait until more photos surface before I finalize my decision.
figure-kotobukiya-marisa-02 figure-kotobukiya-marisa-03 figure-kotobukiya-marisa-04 figure-kotobukiya-marisa-05

figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-01Ezomori Nozomu

Series: Kanokon
Company: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/5
Release: July 2009
Price: ¥10,500 / $126 CAD
Note: Exclusive, Wonder Festival Summer 2009

I’ll just get this out of the way first, I don’t like this character. In fact, I didn’t like the series very much. Certainly it had it’s moments, but overall the series was poor and boring and I had to force my self to finish it to keep up with friends. All that said, I do find this figure very appealing. If I had to narrow it down to one thing I think it would be “wolf”.

Nozomu’s chest is far too flat I think, though that’s a comment on her character and not the figure. The figure replicates her non-existent chest perfectly. The white shirt and the undressing is very appealing, the shirt even appears to be translucent to some degree which adds very much to the appeal.

The addition of wolf ears and wolf tail definitely put this figure into the must buy range for me. I’m not sure why my fetish has molded into such a strange one but I can surely blame this on Horo. Nozomu’s skirt and bow tie are removable revealing more skin for the viewer to ogle.

Nozomu’s face appears a bit strange from some angles, but that’s far from my biggest complaint on this figure. My biggest complaint would definitely be the exclusivity of this figure, she’s limited to sale at Wonder Festival this summer in July. Perhaps I’ll be able to catch one on eBay, but it’s unlikely it’ll be for a decent price and I suspect wont be worth it in the end. But of course, I’ll keep my eyes open just in case.

Update: Nekomagic has a post up for this figure and says she’s not an exclusive. There are only 1,000 units being sold at Wonder Festival and there are more available through Kotobukiya Direct. However I’m not sure if they ship internationally or what. That still seems just as exclusive as the Volks Horo to me. But anyway, she’s released July 27th, 2009 at Kotobukiya’s online store.

Pictures from GA Graphic.

figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-02 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-03 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-04 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-05 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-06 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-07 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-08 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-09 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-10 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-11 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-12 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-13 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-14 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-15 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-16 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-17 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-18 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-19 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-20 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-21 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-22 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-23 figure-kotobukiya-nozomu-24


Series: Spice and Wolf
Company: Volks
Scale: 1/6
Release: October 2009
Price: ¥7,140 / $86 CAD
Notes: Exclusive, Volks store.

Saved the best for last, I’ve already talked about this figure, but more pictures were posted over on GA Graphic. I’ve already got mine ordered, she was available for pre-order as of today through Volks’ online store. However the catch, they will not ship her internationally, so you’ll need a proxy service to get a hold of her.

Anyway, here are the additional pictures that have been posted.

Pictures from GA Graphic.

figure-volks-horo-02 figure-volks-horo-03 figure-volks-horo-04 figure-volks-horo-05 figure-volks-horo-06 figure-volks-horo-07 figure-volks-horo-08 figure-volks-horo-09 figure-volks-horo-10 figure-volks-horo-11 figure-volks-horo-12 figure-volks-horo-13 figure-volks-horo-14 figure-volks-horo-15 figure-volks-horo-16


  1. Aka says:

    Some how I forgot to include Kotobukiya’s Sanya from Strike Witches. Oh well, too lazy to bother now. I probably wouldn’t buy it, but I do find it appealing for sure.

  2. Rico-sama says:

    Was wondering why I hadn’t seen that Kanokon figure anywhere else. Now I know: she’s an exclusive. *Sigh*

    Honestly, I doubt I would have gotten her anyway. Not because she isn’t nice (though her face is a bit off), but because I never got the 1/5 Minamoto Chizuru that I ordered and really wanted.

    I also find myself oddly taken with Marisa.

    • Aka says:

      What happened with Chizuru? She never came?

      • Rico-sama says:

        Basically, yeah. They flat out told me that they just didn’t get any of her.

        They tried to make it right by offering the “special edition” Chizuru that Kotobukiya later released at no extra charge (funny how they had tons of those lying around), but I really didn’t like that one.

        Anyway, now that I’ve had more time to look and see the new pics of Horo, I have to say I’m much more impressed with her now. She’s got some beautiful coloring going on.

        • Aka says:

          Yeah I’m really happy seeing more pictures of her. Though they tend to emphasize her Who like nose (Dr Seuss). I wish they were larger pictures though, but regardless I’m very happy.

          Hasn’t Play-Asia had a lot of Chizurus? They seem to have some in stock as well.

          • Rico-sama says:

            And I missed out on her! 🙁

            I see HLJ also has some stock too, but not at nearly as nice a price.

            With all the standard Chizuru’s seemingly floating about, makes me wonder why AAAAnime (the place I ordered from) never got any.

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