Review: Kotobukiya’s Plug Insulator Suit Ver.

Kotobukiya’s Plug from Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! I decided to skip my other figures and review her first since I haven’t seen many reviews out there for her, and she’s being re-released this fall. Plug was completely an impulse purchase, I’d seen the series was coming out, but didn’t know much about it. I’d seen the figure was being re-released and though perhaps I’d pre-order. Surprisingly, Hobby Link Japan had some of the original 2007 run figures in stock, so I jumped on her immediately. To purchase, I jumped to purchase…

Some Assembly Required…

It should be mentioned, Plug needs some assembly. It’s fairly minor assembly, but it’s very very annoying assembly. It’s very easy to get the little mirror finish sticker on the base, so that’s no problem. But the wire, oh the wire… That was so very annoying. It’s easy to slide it through her hand and into the placement just above her bum. But getting it to sit just right and the end to stay in her right hand, nearly impossible. The connector keeps falling out and then all your placement falls apart. Now that the connector is staying in her hand, I’m never ever touching her again, even if the wire isn’t just right. How unfortunate it has to be this way.

The Details…

figure-kotobukiya-plug-chan-12Plug is 1/7th scale, approximately 165mm in height and is crafted by Masato Abe who also did Kotobukiya’s Nagi. She can be had from $50 USD to $65 USD at various retailers both in North America and Japan. Before the re-release I’m told she could be had for as low as $15 in the bargin bin. The character Plug is from a manga series called Fight Ippatsu! Jyuden-chan!! by Ditama Bow better known for Mahoromatic and KissxSis. The manga has been made into an anime and is currently airing with 12 episodes planned. The series is quite ecchi, those of you who’ve watched KissxSis may better understand, or even Mahoromatic. Though as I recall, Mahoromatic wasn’t nearly as ecchi as his newer series, at least not in anime form.


figure-kotobukiya-plug-chan-22Plug has been sculpted wearing her insulator suit with a fairly simple but quite evocative pose. From the pictures and video I’ve seen of the series, it seems like a pose she’d make, and likely for no reason at all. But I admit I haven’t seen much as of yet, just the preview. The suit looks to be very tight, but has some details in it, such as some wrinkles, and more notably… uh er, between her legs, “hugging” the cable. Her hair has enough detail though a seam through her hair, which seems to be the norm. Her “rabbit” ears look cute bent at strange angles, I wonder what it is they do. One nice thing about this figure is the lack of seams, I know I just mentioned the one in her hair, but the rest of her appears to lack them entirely. It takes a close eye to find them, which is very nice because visible seams ruin a figure.

figure-kotobukiya-plug-chan-14The paintwork on this figure is pretty simple for the most part, but works well for the figure. Her hair has the most shading of the whole figure and adds the needed touch. The suit can get away with a solid seeming colour, but the hair cannot. The glossy finish on the suit adds a nice dimension to the otherwise solid colours and makes it seem very much like she’s wearing a latex body suit. Which I don’t think it’s supposed to be, what material are plugsuits made out of anyway?

figure-kotobukiya-plug-chan-16The black section covering her breasts, I want to call it a breast plate but it’s not, is removable. You remove her arms and move the yellow collar bit up just a touch and the plate is easily removed or replaced this way. However, as mentioned above, it takes far too much effort to get the wire to stay right, so I wont be doing this very often. I prefer it on anyway, it provides a better contrast and it’s just as sexy since it’s translucent anyway. And there’s no need to show so much skin anyway. Not with a cable between your crotch like that.

Closing Thoughts…

I was really excited about receiving this figure. I though she was sexy and cute and would be nice to have in my ever growing collection. But that wire, that lovely wire was so annoying. You can see in the different pictures it’s in a different place so very often. Despite that initial minor detail, I think she’s pretty good. No major faults, no problems with the paintwork, silky smooth sculpt. Cute tiny tongue about to lick her grounding cable. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I like this figure and am happy with my impulse purchase.

I hope I don’t make a habit of impulse purchases though…



  • Simple but quite evocative pose
  • Pervy details, like that mirror and what it’s for seeing
  • Solid paintwork


  • Annoying assembly, difficult to get right
  • Skin is a bit too shiny



  1. Rico-sama says:

    This Plug doesn’t seem nearly as well-endowed as some of the screen shots make her out to be. Granted she isn’t supposed to be huge, but she’s almost non-existent here!

    Nice review. Sorry the wire is such a pain, but you managed to make it look really nice in the shots. And I totally with your preference on the black chest piece.

    Question, how waxy is Plugs face really? In some shots it looks fine while in others not so much.

    PS. Plug suits are made out of plug. Duh! 😀

    • Aka says:

      I like her bust size in this figure, and it seems to match the manga artwork I’ve seen, which is very little mind you. The anime has enlarged them considerably it would seem.

      I wrote the review while watching Mulholland Drive, so hopefully it made a lot more sense than that movie did. It seemed coherent at the time…

      I don’t think Plugs face is too waxy. There’s a hint of it, but I don’t think it’s as bad as perhaps some of the pictures may make it out to be. It’s likely it was my poor lighting while watching a movie at the same time.

      Hmm out of Plug eh… hmm..

      • Rico-sama says:

        Cool. I knowing Kotobukiya I figured that was what as going on with her face, but wanted to make sure. Might snatch her up if I see her at Otakon.

        On second viewing, I find that crotch shot disturbing. Not even Ikki Tousen figures take it that far. That and the detailing seems out of place.

  2. Lylibellule says:

    I love this figure. It’s cute. Apart from the problem you had with the thread, your photos show that Kotobukiya has done a pretty good job here.

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  4. ~Nat says:

    Insulator suits are made out of rubber 😛