Volks Horo, delayed yet again

Checking up on my most anticipated figure it would seem that she’s been delayed yet again. Her original release date was “Fall 2009” which was assumed to mean September 2009 but was later given a more specific date of October 31st, has been delayed until November 21st. Hopefully there’ll be no more delays, I’ve been staring at pictures of this rendition of Horo since they were first posted on the internets, quite some time ago.

Photo from foo-bar-baz’s coverage of Wonder Fest 2009 Summer.


  1. Rico-sama says:

    Boo. Sorry to hear about the delay. Sucks when that happens. I’ve been looking forward to your review of her (still am, just have to wait longer :P).

    I just got word recently that Alter’s 1/7 Fate got delayed and I won’t be getting her until November so I’m in a similar situation. Not fun.

  2. Leonia says:

    There are many delays at the moment, I find. Fate by Alter will go out only on November 13th (release planned in July), Jubei by Alter too will go out on October 29th (release planned in August).. I hope that you will have fast Horo, that I can see lovely pictures of the beautiful she-wolf (Volks disappointed me with Nanoha figures, then I did not order her).

  3. Aka says:

    I’ve definitely seen a lot of delays recently. I wonder what’s causing them all. I recall Saber Lily Avalon by GSC was delayed along with Black Rock Shooter. Saber Lily was supposed to be an August release I think and BRS was supposed to be September or August as well? Saber at least will ship soon, I got an email stating she was ready to ship, but no confirmation that she has yet. BRS I still have to wait longer on.

    I don’t mind so much, as long as I do get them. Though I’d prefer not to have another fiasco like with my Good Smile Company Horo.

  4. Guy says:

    Let’s hope with all the waiting for it, that it won’t disappoint.

  5. Quazacolt says:

    i was wondering when it’ll arrive until i stumble upon your post, and clicked volks’ link.

    i am in despair, volks delaying horo has put me in despair

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