Ayanami Rei (Plug Suit Style) by Kotobukiya

What’s this? How strange, is that Horo in an Ayanami Rei costume? It must be, nothing else gets posted on Tailgrab these days but Horo, surely this post must be about Horo in some shape or fashion right? Surely I jest. But… Where’s her tail? She’s got red eyes, and those clips could perhaps cover her ears in some fashion. But… her tail? *shock* Is this actually an Ayanami Rei figure?!

Gainax and Evangelion are quite possibly the biggest sellouts in the history of sellouts. And I don’t care, no one else seems to care either. If it were anything else, their entire fanbase would complain that they’ve whored out their characters for damn near anything that involved profit. In fact, I’m surprised there aren’t fully sanctioned sex toys or even a Real Doll made in the likeness of an Evangelion character with the full backing of Gainax. That’s how big of a sellout I imagine Gainax to be. And I still don’t care. How is it they’ve managed to accomplish this while simultaneously convincing so many of us to continually purchase their warez and (over)hype the series? I don’t have the answer, I don’t even know where to begin. But I do have this here Rei figure to distract me from thinking too hard on the subject, look at that slender waist of hers and those long legs…

Kotobukiya’s 1/7th scale Rei is the third I have from them and my fifth overall, keeping her inline with my Asuka figures of whom I also have five. It comes as somewhat of a surprise to me that three out of five of each Rei and Asuka are produced by Kotobukiya. Though I suppose Kotobukiya’s portfolio is a little bit larger than some other manufacturers, as they tend to produce mid level figures, at least in their 1/8th scale range, they don’t have to focus as much effort. Thinking on the subject actually, has Good Smile Company ever produced an Evangelion figure? I don’t think they have, perhaps this is another reason why my collection contains so many Kotobukiya Eva figures.

Prior to receiving Kotobukiya’s Plug Suit Style Ayanami Rei, I’d have easily ranked my Alter Ayanami Rei above all the others. Her plugsuit was perfect, she looked as Rei should, rather vulnerable lying on the ground. Hmm… I don’t mean to say Rei should be lying on the ground cowering, that sounds abusive on my part, just her vulnerable appearance is what I reference. Contrast that to Kotobukiya’s 1/6th Rei, which while well done and has a neat unique base, never really gave off the right impression. Her plugsuit was well done, and her hair reasonably so, but overall never truly appeared as I imagine Rei to be, and how I remember her portrayed in the series. Now that I have PSS Rei, it’s a toss up between Alter’s and her. Alter’s conveys her as much more vulnerable than PSS Rei, but PSS Rei follows what I’ve always thought to be ‘the official artwork of Evangelion’, art by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, in fact this figure is made to resemble an illustration of his. His art always depicts the girls as very slender, almost to the extreme (and in reality, very beyond the extreme), and I think PSS Rei follows that, much in the same way the 1/6th scale figures from Kotobukiya do, but far more attractively produced.

PSS Rei is differentiated from Kotobukiya’s other Evangelion offerings by being produced in the intermediate scale of 1/7th scale, adding some extra detail above what’s possible at 1/8th while maintaining a reasonably sized base and allowing her to fit easily into my busy shelves. This makes Rei 22 cm tall, even as she leans on some rubble. Despite her larger scale however, her plugsuit does not receive the same detail as Alter’s 1/8th scale Test Plugsuit Asuka, who received wrinkles and folds as material would likely perform in reality. But that’s not really how these suits work in the series anyway, they form a vacuum seal on the characters, despite their somewhat baggy nature before hand. So with that in mind, Alter’s Asuka is actually flawed because of the addition of detail. A thought I never had until now, do those suits breath or provide cooling for their pilots? Because wearing a rubber or latex skin tight suit has to be a hot affair. And if you fart in the suit, does that break the vacuum seal?

Most of the defects I’ve found in PSS Rei actually come from my excursion into the outdoors with Chag of Hobby Hovel who recently reviewed PSS Rei’s counterpart. Not the excursion itself, but perhaps transport on the way home as the scuffs don’t exist in the outdoor shots but do in all the review shots, which came afterwards (I ‘shopped most of them out for this post though). There seems to be a curse on all of the Rei figures I own, each of them possesses a defect of which I’ve been the cause, predominantly near her ass. Alter’s Rei I accidentally dropped, she now has a scuff on her bottom, Koto’s a similar story, and now PSS Rei too has a scuff, albeit on her right hip and onto her right buttocks. Even e2046’s Gathering Rei, part of her bandages broke when I removed her from her box. No other character in my collection has received as much damage as poor Rei, I don’t understand. Do I subconsciously dislike her?

Having now discussed some of the pros and cons of each Plugsuit donned Rei, I retract my previous statement. It’s not a toss up between Alter and PSS Rei, PSS Rei wins. She has the right amount of sex appeal, the right amount of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto artistry, a better and more subtle tone to her hair colour, she takes up less shelf space because she’s upright and because she’s upright you can look upon her more easily, and lastly she has a far more interesting base. Yes, I think PSS Rei is my new ‘definitive’ Rei in my collection.

I’ve always found Rei’s breasts to be too spherical…



  • Overall pretty reasonably produced and painted with few defects
  • Her rubble base is a nice touch, more so as it fits with Asuka’s and upcoming Mari’s bases as well.
  • Subtle blues and translucency in her hair
  • Sexy pose, especially from the back.


  • Her left leg doesn’t sit on the base as well as I’d like
  • Metal reinforcement in the concrete could be painted better, solid brown is unappealing
  • The seams where her legs meet her torso could use some clean up.



  1. Chag says:

    Completely agree with you on this being the new definitive Rei figure. Kotobukiya may not have the same quality standard, but I really dig how stoic she looks in this pose. I guess Rei is a vulnerable character as well, but she always stepped up to the plate when the occasion called for it, so I find the on-the-ground poses slightly less fitting. Also, not only does she show off her great ass in this pose, she’s showing the rest of the good as well, including her “too spherical” breasts. That scores her a lot of brownie points in my book.

    I wonder if Max Factory is ever going to follow up their Mari and Asuka with a Rei figure. I bet they’re waiting for Rebuild 3.0. I liked the MF Mari and Asuka, so I would have high hopes for a MF Rei. I just hope that if the figure comes out and you get her, the angry ghost with a vendetta against Rei’s butt that’s been haunting you won’t strike again!

    • Aka says:

      I really like MF’s Mari figure, but their test plugsuit Asuka I found to be horrendous. It looks well produced, but the pose and her facial expression are farcical. I can’t get passed that, every time I see that figure I think who the fuck would stand like that and make that pose. I know a lot of figures have awkward poses, but I just find her pose in MF’s figure to be flat out stupid. Additionally her thighs appear 50% too long and she looks crazy awkward. Here’s hoping if they produce a Rei figure they make her right, though I’d prefer they made a Misato. I maintain that a drunk Misato in her casual wear would be an awesome figure. Needs to include the table in front of her and a bunch of empty cans of beer.

      As for Rei’s vulnerability, she’s certainly willing to step up at every occasion she’s asked to. But she’s continually hurt or in bandages, or so quiet and soft spoken she comes off as fragile and doll-like.

      I don’t know who could hate Rei’s butt, what is wrong with this ghost…