Kaminagi Ryoko (Resurrection) by Alter

When Alter previewed Kaminagi Ryoko at WonFes I was extremely surprised, she isn’t a very popular character as far as I know. Someone at Alter must really be a fan of hers, or Zegapain, because Alter had already made a figure of Ryoko in the past and there was no new series coming out either. Their reasons however don’t matter to me, I simply had to purchase her, let me tell you why.

Zegapain was an alright series and I was relatively entertained by it back in the day. However even looking through rose coloured goggles the series doesn’t stand out as anything too special. In fact, I think the series would have been entirely forgettable if it wasn’t for Kaminagi Ryoko, or more specifically, Hanazawa Kana, her voice actor. At the time Hanazawa was ~17 years old and Ryoko was her first (real) voice acting role in an anime, she had a fresh new sound and myself and a couple friends fell in love with her voice. We “HNNNNGGG’d” before Katawa Shoujo was even an illustration, let alone a full dating sim. It was this nostalgia that made this figure so desirable, as she didn’t exactly stand out amongst the other top tier figures being released at the time, that isn’t to say she’s a poor or average figure either, she is produced by Alter after all.

If we were to compare her to Alter’s original Kaminagi figure released in September of 2007, she’s easily superior with a much more dynamic posture, the inclusion of her video camera, and a more playful appearance, much more like how I remember her character being. That said, the original figure wasn’t bad at all for a 2007 figure, so I don’t really understand the need to resurrect her in a new form. Honestly, that sounds like something you’d do to capitalize on an up and coming trend, except I saw no such trend, it makes me wonder how well she sold. Some additional data as to how forgettable the series seems to have been for many, there are only 113 illustrations for Zegapain on Danbooru, 33 of which are by Tony Taka from a doujinshi, half of which are duplicates.

Looking at Ryoko, I forgot just how short their skirts were in that series, they barely cover her. It’s nice that they reveal so much of her legs and some how comes away looking cute, when I remember the uniforms back when I was in high school, any girl who wore her kilt that short was a bit of a strumpet. I suppose if the entire female body of the school wore their uniforms as such, the floozies would have worn theirs shorter still. A moot point however as none of them would have had the legs of an anime character, long and slender, without imperfections. One of the many reasons I rarely find zettai ryouiki appealing in reality, but that’s another topic.

The detail work for such a simple figure is quite good, going so far as to detail and paint the zoom and focus rings on the camcorder, the buttons, microphone, even the screen has information on it, such as white balance indicators, focus point, recording mode etc… About the only thing that seems off about Ryoko is her eyes. I almost want to say she’s got the crazy eyes, there’s just something about them that throws me off constantly, either they’re not looking at the same object, or they’re dilated oddly, I’m really not sure. But beyond that, the paintwork is on par for average with Alter, which is quite good in the grand scheme, though not their best.

While I generally hate gimmickry on figures, since such experiences are always lacking, I would have liked to have had a base with a button on it. The button would of course play Kaminagi’s adorable voice, I don’t care what she says really as long as it were cute sounding like I remember from the series. Unfortunately, the series series is so forgotten there isn’t even a video on YouTube I can use as an example of her voice, it’s changed over the years,  I don’t think will ever sound like Ryoko again. *sigh* Oh well, I’m happy to have bought her.

“Kyou-chan~” *HNNNGGG*




  • Playful appearance and a reasonable amount of detail
  • Good price point, ¥5,800 MSRP
  • A non-slutty extremely short miniskirt, yay anime!
  • Nostalgia


  • Boring generic frizbee base
  • Potential to lean in the future
  • Boring for those who don’t know or like the character



  1. Ooooh no, she’s got the crazy eyes! LOL well, what can you do? What interests me the most about this figure is that camcorder, you don’t see this accessory on anime figures often (or at all). It’s a nice deviation, though the rest of the figure feels a little plain. I guess this figure is one of those that you collect only if you’re a fan of the series? I’ve never seen Zegapain so I guess I’m missing out on what her character’s appeal is.

    I do like her pose though, it’s cheerful and helps lighten the mood, plus it’s from Alter so you can’t go wrong with the quality. I find it interesting that you talk about her skrt being short, yet not slutty feeling, but you still went and took some pantsu shots. LOL obligatory pantsu shots or just because of the nostalgic HNNNGGG factor? ^_^’

    • Aka says:

      The camcorder is kind of neat in a variety of ways. The first, it’s uniqueness, I haven’t seen such an item ever on a figure. But more so it’s neat because of it’s lack of vision into the future. Think of all the cellphone cameras we have today, the dSLRs that take excellent video, the commercials and productions using crappy iPhone cameras that actually end up looking pretty good in the right circumstances, the GoPro cameras people mount to damn near everything… yet here she is, using an antiquated form-factor in the distant future to record video of her friends. It just seems so absurd, I had this thought at the time as well, but even more so now as technology has progressed. It almost makes me think of her as some kind of videographer-hipster.

      As for her short skirt not being slutty, I never said I wasn’t a perv. But also, I have to cater to my audience right? right?

      I don’t recall any pantsu shots in the series, so it’s not a nostalgia factor there.

  2. Miette-chan says:

    I don’t know what it is but I found this figure appealing. It’s so simple and unassuming almost boring to some degree. Although a little less now that you pointed out her skirt, I suppose it’s one of those things that I gloss over unless I have something to compare to.

    I considered watching the anime but as I learned that she was a side character with short appearances I was disappointed. My interest is now a bit higher since she is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. I liked her in the roles that I seen such as Shiori from TWGOK or Kuroneko from Oreimo before.

    • Aka says:

      It’s precisely this ability for one to gloss over the shortness of her skirt that makes it non-slutty. I suspect it’s just that we’re used to such long legs being in anime that we never consider the proportions too carefully.

      My Rose coloured goggles (headphones?) tell me that her voice has never sounded the same as it did in Zegapain. It might bet worth it to try out an episode or two to hear her say “kyou-chan~” and get a feel for it.

  3. Nopy says:

    I didn’t think she looked all that dynamic at first, but after seeing Alter’s original Kaminagi figure, that’s definitely a huge improvement. It might be a money grab, but I don’t think fans would complain.