Quickie 3.012: Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area

In Canada eh you’d expect that come January you’d be wearing your toque eh, riding your skidoo eh, building an igloo eh, or perhaps bundled up on your chesterfield with you choice of poutine or Kraft Dinner to keep you warm eh. Today however was 11°C, what little snow we had was mostly melted and I was out on my motorcycle clocking over 200 km today.

Instead of using Google Maps like I usually do to pick a place to go, looking for interesting curvy roads, I chose to use the terrain view to see where some of the biggest elevation changes were within a couple hours ride. One such example was Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area in Dundas, Ontario. The park is located on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario and looks out over Dundas. There are two sides to the park Tews Falls and Websters Falls, time constraints limited me to just Tews Falls unfortunately, the sun sure sets quick in the winter.

quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-06 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-02 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-03 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-04 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-05

You may notice a ledge sticking out on one of the rock faces, you may also notice I took a closer photo from that ledge. I did not notice that ledge in the photo when I took it, and had I, I would NOT have been on that ledge taking those photos and some below. Terrifies me to think I was out on that diving board of a rock. When I took the photo on the right looking back at the ledge I just laughed thinking to myself “what must those people have thought when they were looking at me out there, fuckin’ nut.”

quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-09 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-07 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-08 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-10 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-11 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-12

Of course, an excursion like this wouldn’t be complete without a certain someone, Tsuru no Yakata’s Horo! I’m a little annoyed with myself though, I like these shots but I was interrupted while photographing them, between the persons dog and my polite Canadian self, I packed up Horo and offered to get out of his way so he could have his photo taken by his wife across the way. This meant that I didn’t get any other angles, nor did I get the one shot I think I should have, Horo looking away from the camera at the scenery behind, and instead getting a photo of her backside. Unfortunately just three more photos of her looking at the camera. Damn. Additionally the 3rd shot below I cropped a bit of her tail off, double damn.

quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-15 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-14 quickie-3.012-spencer-gorge-wilderness-area-13

I’m really happy this global warming thing is working out in my favour, I hope I’m able to ride in every month of this year as I did last year. I’d love to clock up more kilometers on the bike this year than I did last. The majority of the mileage on the motorcycle is from the first year I bought it, schedule changes at work and destination weddings for friends meant the second year I didn’t get to ride as much. A friend has been hinting at a ride to Anchorage, Alaska in the future, which I’d totally love to do. I think this year however will just be a ride to Sturgis, South Dakota.

Is it wrong to ride a sport bike to Anchorage, Alaska?



  1. Rajura says:

    Wow! The view is breathtaking… and the landscape ain’t bad either.

    I was wondering what happened to you… you fell off the map for a while. It looks like it has been time well-spent.

  2. Tian says:

    Global warming! It’s about 60 degrees F in Chicago right now. I would have gone to work in a short sleeved shirt had it not started raining. I suspect to balance out this warm spell, we’ll get about 6 feet of snow dumped on us all in one day, and we’ll see reports of a big bearded man in the sky giving us all the middle finger.

    • Aka says:

      Warm two days today and tomorrow here as well. Was thinking of riding the motorcycle in to work, but it was still icy and only 2°C. Got warmer as the day went on, will probably go for a ride tomorrow though, just not to work, as as the night progresses it’s going to go back to -5 or something.

      Crazy weather.