Nude Horo by Rasetsu Nakobakaya (e2046 Gathering/Knock-off)

My ever expanding collection of Horo figures continues, now totaling 11 distinct figures with this e2046 knock-off of Rasetsu Nakobakaya’s Horo.

Of the four nude Horo figures I own, Alpha Max, CM’s Corporation, Global and this Rasetsu version, I think I would rate Rasetsu’s second in likability and 3rd in general quality. Alpha Max’s Horo looks kind of strange with her protruding ribcage, so her likability is a bit lower than Rasetsu’s, however her quality and detail is superior. Rasetsu’s Horo is fairly simplistic in appearance and detail, and has an annoying gap around her face/neck area where her head attaches to her body. Overall however, it’s a playful pose and generally appealing, more so from the rear.

figure-e2046-horo-nude-09 figure-e2046-horo-nude-02 figure-e2046-horo-nude-03 figure-e2046-horo-nude-04

Having snowed pretty heavily this week I figured it was a great opportunity to use the snow for a couple of photos. Initially just taking some feature phone shots for a G+ community challenge, I eventually grabbed this Horo figure and threw her in the snow as well. It seemed rather fitting for her, despite her lack of attire. Unfortunately I was a bit lazy and shot these all from the comfort of my kitchen floor, aiming out onto my snow covered porch. I don’t think I could have made it to any of the locations I shot Sayame at without better winter gear. Still, I think the porch shots turned out satisfactorily.

figure-e2046-horo-nude-08 figure-e2046-horo-nude-07 figure-e2046-horo-nude-06 figure-e2046-horo-nude-05

Despite loathing bootlegs and knock-offs, I am rather grateful to e2046 for producing them. Their knock-off of Tsuru no Yakata Horo has become my favourite figure for taking out on excursions, and while this nude figure likely will never be my favourite, CM’s Corporations Horo is a much better nude, I’m still happy to have her in my collection.

figure-e2046-horo-nude-10 figure-e2046-horo-nude-01

Lovin’ all this snow we got, finally feels like a real winter.



  1. Rajura says:

    Dang, I guess with her new and all, I passed on snow photos with her.

    They turned out well, man! I should have done some.

  2. Miette-chan says:

    If you hadn’t mentioned it I would never have guesses that you didn’t shoot these pictures outside. These shots are pretty nice I like them, they remind me of some of the Horo cosplay photos you showed before.

    I find e2046 to be an interesting service, while I do not agree with them selling actual bootlegs of commercial figures I do find it useful they do so with painted garage kits. Many a time there have been GKs I would have loved to own if I had the skill and dedication to paint them, e2046 gives me chance at that.

    • Aka says:

      Yes, exactly! I was reminded of the same very thing as I was taking the photos. A little less sexy since my model is both fake and scale sized, but very much the same idea.

      I agree, initially I took the stance that I would never buy a bootleg regardless if it were a GK I couldn’t get or not. But then they released some I’d wanted for a long time and I broke that mentality. Still, I don’t like buying from them if I can help it. But since I can’t verify a garage kit as being authentic, especially after e2046 releases theirs, I can’t commission someone, so I might as well just get e2046s.

  3. Binarymein says:

    Nice shoot! Snow-fall might be nice too or maybe just ruin the focus…

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! The snow was actually falling, it’s just hard to capture snow on snow if you know what I mean. But if you look in this photo you can see some of the falling snow in front of Horo. Partly it’s also difficult because she’s so small (1/6th scale) compared to a human, so the number of flakes in a given shot is a lot smaller as well.

  4. izlom says:

    Figure with a very interesting face. Look worthy of applause. Thanks for the review and the beautiful pictures. Although in my opinion they got too cold.

    • Aka says:

      Too cold for ‘Mother Russia’?! Oh dear. I’ll take some warmer shots in the future!

      • izlom says:

        Haha, it is perfectly noticed. I mean the white balance. When at the girl you look, most it becomes cold. But the winter atmosphere is perfectly transferred.
        Ps. Forgive for my bad English.

        • Aka says:

          No worries!

          Yeah I definitely tweaked the white balance to enhance the cold feeling. Perfectly neutral seems a bit too warm.