Quickie 4.102: Indecisive (Dog Edition)

The dog photos as promised in my previous post.

I don’t know many dog breeds but I’m reasonably confident that Winter’s a golden retriever and with that information you’ll be able to figure out which one is Sally. Winter is a very energetic dog, super excited to see you, runs around a lot and generally seems to just enjoy the hell out of everything. Unfortunately I have a great skill at catching him when he’s not being energetic. That said, I managed a couple good photos. Sally on the other hand is not very energetic at all, she moves around but at her own pace and followers her nose more than anyone’s commands. When she wants attention she slowly strolls up to you and then looks up with puppy dog eyes. Only when you kneel down to pet her do her eyes finally meet yours and she just stares quietly while you scratch behind her ears. She also reminded me of a pig looking for truffles when she walked around with her head down sniffing the ground.

quickie-4.101-indecisive-21 quickie-4.101-indecisive-22

This is by far my favourite shot.


This one reminds me of Dug from Up.


And this one reminds me of Falcor from the Neverending Story for some reason. Flying dog?


I like these four in sequence. Just the subtle movements of Winters expression.

quickie-4.101-indecisive-26 quickie-4.101-indecisive-27 quickie-4.101-indecisive-28 quickie-4.101-indecisive-29

It’s so hard to get Sally to look up from the ground.

quickie-4.101-indecisive-30 quickie-4.101-indecisive-31 quickie-4.101-indecisive-32 quickie-4.101-indecisive-33

I guess I’ll explain the Mennonite reference in the past post. Basically, they rode their carriages across my friends lawn multiple times. I took a photo after the first time, and then parked my car in what I thought would be their way, but they still managed to get around it. I didn’t bother to take photos after the other times though. Here’s the photo of the first time.


Hopefully that explains that remark well enough. Jerks. Anyway, dogs are fun! I’d like to have a dog again, but I’d also like to have a space in which to let it play that didn’t require me to walk to a park. I’d also like to still be able to leave spontaneously on trips to places on my motorcycle. So, I guess I don’t want a dog… I’ll just enjoy other peoples dogs I guess.



  1. Rajura says:

    Yeah, dogs are great!

    Oh, yeah, I guess that was a bit discourteous of them.
    I withdraw my question from the previous blog post.