Quickie 4.178: A Fall in a River

Yesterday I went out for a little ride on the motorcycle to find Ontario’s last historical covered bridge, in West Montrose. Well, it’s definitely there, but that wasn’t not the highlight of the ride.

I was pretty disappointed when I found the bridge, not so much because of the bridge itself, but how it’s surrounded by private property. Lots of signs saying no parking, professional photographers must pay money etc… I figured as soon as I pulled out my dSLR I’d have some angry person yelling at me for taking pictures of the bridge and not paying them, despite not being a professional. Even if I did so from the road, so all I bothered with were smartphone shots, and even then just from the road.

quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-02 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-03

Rode down some really REALLY fresh graveled roads, which was a bit sketchy on the motorcycle but I figured after what I rode through in Colorado I could do a little bit of sand and rock. And I could and did. I even tried having a little fun and fishtailing the rear end, which terrified me and I never did it again. One day I’ll get the hang of that. The photo below is a field just outside of Winterbourne and across this bridge, lots of Mennonite farms in the area.


I explored a little more around and eventually decided that Alice’s new Going on a Date ☆ Active Girl Set didn’t really suit big open fields and farm imagery. I’ll be honest, it seemed more like I should have been taking photos in the city, with people and buildings. But I wasn’t going to do that so I found the next best thing, a gorge! Just outside the quaint little town of Elora is the Elora Gorge Provincial Park, I didn’t go there. Instead, I stopped on one of the main streets that had a great look out into part of the gorge, and started taking photos while every single driver who went by slowed down to watch what I was doing. And motorcyclists stopping to ask if everything was alright with my bike and then noticing what I was doing. So all in all, no different than any other day taking photos of dolls in public.

quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-05 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-06 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-07 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-08

Decided to finally use the camera XOHimitsuOX gave me, sure ok, I used it once before in Colorado, but barely ever since and I’d been meaning to for ages and ages. So it was Alice’s turn to try her hand at some photography. This is what she photographed. Next time I’ll point her at something more interesting.

quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-09 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-10 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-11

After that I once again decided to explore some more, as the weather was holding up well and I had no where I needed to be. Rode through ‘downtown’ Elora, which is a bit neat because everything is so old, and eventually stopped at some old dilapidated buildings. Thinking I’d get some shots of those some kids showed up with float tubes and headed down a path. I liked where the path looked like it was going, down stream towards more of a gorge-like area, but I had no idea. Along the way I found this neat building with trees growing in side and parts of the former roof structure strewn about.


Eventually I made it to where the kids headed to float down the river, didn’t get any shots with the dSLR, but here’s a panorama from my phone.


I thought it’d be fun to take photos of the two girls in the water, and had I had an assistant I probably could have done so. But I tried with one at a time anyway.

quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-15 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-16

And then of course, once I’d moved just far enough away that I couldn’t possibly catch her if she went in, Alice decided to take a dive. Personally I like this photo of the set best. I’m of course projecting a little bit onto her, but I just imagine that she’s a but clumsy and tripped into the river and this photo is the aftermath. And I think that makes it cute, but all most collectors seem to see is “omg stains” and “omg damage” etc… Which, given their costs are all valid reactions, I just prefer mine.


After cleaning up Alice and drying off what I could I tried for a couple more photos but was too afraid to do anything too risky at this point.

quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-18 quickie-4.178-a-fall-in-a-river-19

With that I decided it was probably enough and I should get Alice home to dry off. As you can see in that last photo of Alice she’s fine, and further more she’s fine sitting on my bed right now without any issues that I’ve noticed. Though, she wet the bed, there was water in there somewhere still. I think what I might do in the future is pack the stands and bring a tripod, then photoshop out the stand instead of trying to balance. Or maybe not, who knows.



  1. Smithy says:

    Lovely photos, also quite like the panoramic and scenic photos, quite a lovely landscape.

    The ‘Active Girl Set’ still works well enough for these type of outdoor photos, though a different color skirt would have gone even better I think.

    • Aka says:

      You think so? I liked the pink skirt. What colour do you think would go better? The skirt that came with the original lace up set?

      Maybe I mostly liked the pink set because it gave Alice some colour, she’s always so dark.

  2. Rajura says:

    Really nice!

    I’m glad you finally put Horo in that outfit… it really does suit her (what doesn’t?).

    I hope you are saving a few more to put up later of her wearing that… I want a few other views and positions!

    • Aka says:

      I don’t actually have any other poses really. Was going to get some more photos this weekend but it never happened. Oh well, there’ll be more at some point.