Colorado Trip #4.3: Loveland Pass

I don’t think there’s been a single time I’ve ridden over Loveland Pass and had it not rain at some point. This is mainly because by the time I end up there it’s the late afternoon when all the storms are rolling through. But I checked the weather, and there was only a 25% chance of rain, so I took the opportunity to try it out once again!

I decided to loop through Fairplay South Park again, though this time taking a slightly different route. I took Bear Creek Rd from Morrison, through Evergreen, and then caught 285 in Conifer. Then took US-285 all the way to South Park, and once again took CO-9 over the mountains through Alma, Blue Water, and Breckenridge to Swan Mountain Rd and on to Loveland Pass.


North America’s highest bar, so they claim. But can I really dispute it? It is after all around 3,260 m (10,700 ft) in elevation, and even if that wasn’t enough to make the claim well, Colorado also legalized marijuana.


This photo is overlooking a bunch of homes or perhaps summer homes at the base of Mt. Bross just north of Alma along CO-9. A good part of me would love to live in places like this, but I don’t think I could deal with the Internet they’d have. Unless they happen to have surprisingly good Internet…


Along Swan lake Rd next to the Dillion Reservoir the dark clouds started to roll in. Damnit!


Just outside of fake Keystone, I say fake because I think it’s only a resort and not an actual town name, because I think there’s a real Keystone Colorado elsewhere. Houses, condos, apartments, whatever these are on the side of a cliff over looking the reservoir. How awesome would those places be?


And finally Loveland Pass. It rained. But thankfully not much at all, and I even had a lot of section of dry road!

loveland-pass-06 loveland-pass-07

Sadly however, I only did get that one photo of Horo and Alice. It looked like it was constantly going to downpour, and even when I did take them out for that photo it started to spit. So I kept hesitating and in the end got just the header photo above. I did however get asked by some young Mexican girls what I was doing. Not initially though, I think they were too shy to ask, but I saw they were taking a photo next to the sign and one of them of course couldn’t be in the shot, so I offered to take the photo for them so they could all get in the shot. THEN they asked me what I was doing and such, and surprisingly seemed quite supportive. And not that sarcastic, or facetious, or condescending kind either!

On to the next mountain pass…



  1. Rajura says:

    Nice as always… stay safe man!

    Wow, Horo really is getting to see the world. I really am enjoying these… keep ’em coming!