Colorado Trip #4.6: Photo Recap + Bonus

While in Colorado I encountered a number of problems some severe, some not so much. One of those problems happened to be poor quality monitors with even worse calibration (if any). As such I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the post-processing I’d applied actually looked good or not. Ultimately that’s subjective anyway, but never the less I’ve reprocessed the photos and added in a couple extras as well.

This first photo I don’t believe I posted on the site but I did post it to Instagram and Tumblr, where I often throw up all kinds of junk.


This set of photos are from Colorado Trip #4.1: Mt Evans with the Girls, follow the link for the full story. These photos have all been tweaked to get the types of colouring and contrast I normally go for.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-02 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-03 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-04 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-05 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-06 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-07 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-08

These ones are from Colorado Trip #4.2: Possibly the Sketchiest Ride of My Life (so far…). I tweaked these ones trying to get Alice’s skin to not look so grey, don’t think I’ve really succeeded, but otherwise they’ve been tweaked for other things like contrast and I’ve added a photo to the set as well.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-09 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-10colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-11 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-12colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-13 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-14 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-15 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-16 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-17colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-18 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-19

While the photos above were tweaked from the settings I’d used while in Colorado, this set of photos I’d lost my work due to a hard drive issue. I still had the photos on the memory card so I could reprocess them, but they’ve been reprocessed entirely. Whether that’s changed them drastically enough I don’t know, but they look good on my monitors now anyway. These would have been from Colorado Trip #4.3: Loveland Pass.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-20 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-21colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-22 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-23 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-24 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-25

After getting home and seeing how not yellow the fields were in Colorado Trip #4.4: Weston & Guanella Pass that had to be rectified. Hopefully they look right this time, not that you’ll be able to really compare to what I saw anyway.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-26 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-27 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-28colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-29 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-30 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-31 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-32 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-33colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-34 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-35 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-37colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-38 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-36

This set of photos never made it on to the site either, though some made it to Instagram and Tumblr again. Just some random shots of Horo and Alice in some lovely ‘mori’ styled dresses.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-39colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-40 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-41 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-42 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-43colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-44

I didn’t bother to try and fix the flickering and colour in the timelapse video I’d posted in Colorado Trip #4.5: Time-Lapse. But I did fix up two of the photos. I quite like these two photos myself.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-45 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-46

There’s already been some bonus content thrown in throughout the post but here’s the real bonus content. Animals!

As I neared the end of my time in Colorado we found this rabbit hanging around outside my friends house, just sitting there. At first we didn’t disturb it because why would you? But as we kept unloading the car and walking by and what not the rabbit never moved from it’s position. So I decided to go in and get my camera and see what kind of photos I could get. I started out using a focal length of 200 mm and snapping away from a distance, and slowly kept moving closer and closer until eventually I was at around 35mm and right on top of it. Still the rabbit didn’t move, but looked pretty scared. At this point I stopped bothering it and figured if it was still out there by night fall I’d do something about it but it wasn’t, it’d managed to move along eventually it would seem.

colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-47 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-48 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-49 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-50colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-51 colorad-trip-4.6-photo-recap-bonus-52

But that wasn’t the only animal. My friend also had grapes growing around their property and for a couple of nights we’d hear noises and in the morning see the outsides of grapes all over the ground. Eventually the noises got to be too annoying and the mess on the ground also annoying so we decided to look and see what it was that was doing it. A raccoon! I didn’t even really realize there were any there as I’d never seen them around Colorado, but here he is happily laying on the roof of the garage, full from having eaten all the damn grapes.


And that’s it, that’s the recap. Hopefully the photos look better to everyone else and not just me. Perhaps I’ll also mention if it wasn’t obvious, but I’m back home and have been for a couple weeks I guess now. The ride home was mostly uneventful, though it was delayed for a beer festival at Elitch Gardens which we attended and enjoyed many different beers. I did misplan the ride home, stayed in Des Moines, Iowa but that wasn’t really half way, so the second day was pretty damn long. 7am to 11pm of riding, I stopped for about 1 hour out of that for rests, food, gas, so lots of riding and lots of distance covered. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back down next year and maybe get some better photos. This year was a bit limited due to various things, weather, responsibilities, etc… Fingers crossed for next year!



  1. Quazacolt says:

    Lovely photos!
    And horo could use some shampoo/conditioners and combing 😛

  2. Moose says:

    Great shots. You get up to more adventure in a week than I do in a year man. 😀

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! I try to get out and do things, but now that I’m back home, I’m doing considerably less adventuring. I’ve got one more post of “adventure” to write up and then I’m out until I do something interesting again haha.