Quickie 4.288: Visiting Plastic Fantastic

A while back, after returning from Colorado, I visited relatively local Dollfie collectors and friends, Plastic Fantastic (PF) and her husband, to catch up on life, the universe, and everything. PF wanted to see the mori outfits I’d bought and I wanted to see the 25 dolls she has again. Ok maybe I really just wanted to see Amber, the doll PF used to convince me I needed a Dollfie in my life.

After catching up, going out and eating dinner with Archangeli and her husband AlphaOmega, then spending the night at PF’s and spooning cuddling annoying her husband (lol), we finally got around to playing with dolls. PF setup a little spot in front of the window and we snapped a couple photos. PF used the two mori outfits I got from Angell Studio, and I dressed Alice up in a bunny Kigurumi PF lent me, making her into a meal for Horo. The outfit was so baggy on her I thought out loud that I could totally fit a second Dollfie in the outfit. So I did, and put Horo in, hugging Alice from inside the outfit.

quickie-4.288-02 quickie-4.288-03

While I’d been putting Horo and Alice together in the same Kigurumi PF had setup a little spot for us to take some photos, so I did. PF brought out three of her dolls, Odette in my favourite poofy mori outfit that worked so well on Horo, Mio in the other mori outfit I liked on Alice, a little MDD named Maya dressed in an MDD sized bunny kigurumi, dessert for Horo after she’s done with Alice, and even Danbo was there in the background in some shots. Cutest box on the planet.

quickie-4.288-04 quickie-4.288-05

Much bigger bust than Horo…

quickie-4.288-06 quickie-4.288-07 quickie-4.288-08 quickie-4.288-09 quickie-4.288-10

Danbo creeps on Mio


After a while of taking photos of the group PF thought she should bring out her first Dollfie, Elle. I didn’t get the most flattering shots including her but here they are. Oh! I forgot, there’s a little adorable resin bunny in there as well.

quickie-4.288-12 quickie-4.288-13 quickie-4.288-14 quickie-4.288-15

And lastly as everything was being packed up and girls dressed into their fall/winter clothes I tried snapping some photos from some blind angles and think they turned out kinda alrightish. I mean I like them, so that’s the important bit.

quickie-4.288-16 quickie-4.288-17 quickie-4.288-18 quickie-4.288-19

And that’s that! I have but one complaint with myself… Horo and Alice are almost always sitting in photos! I really really need to rectify that!



  1. KLGreen says:

    It’s been awhile but after seeing your latest updates I thought I should say something. It’s hard to tell in the photos if Horo is going to have Alice for dinner or vice-a-versa. But really I think its the bunny outfit that ate both of them and that its looking to eat Maya next. And as for Elle I think she is looking very sad and is in need of her own photo shoot. Happy holidays to you, your friends, and all the dollfies.

    • Aka says:

      I always thought it’d be neat to reverse Horo and Alice’s roles. Alice is always the one being eaten, Horo’s a wolf after all. For the Halloween meet (at which I took no photos doh!) Alice was dressed as Horo and Horo was dressed as a maid. Almost a role reversal. With the bunny kigirumi perhaps Horo was a wolf in bunny clothing and ate Alice!

      Elle always looks a bit sad, even in a group. Poor Elle.