Shikinami Asuka Langley (Jersey Ver.) by Alter

Assuka. Yes, that extra ‘s’ was intentional. The most asstastic Assuka figure there is. There are many figures that highlight this asspect of her, but none are so well sculpted in my opinion. This pose also manages to achieve the trifecta, face, chest, ass, all in one angle, though her jacket kind of ruins that unfortunately. TL;DR: This is definitely my favourite Assuka figure, but she’s not perfect. Now enjoy the photos.

As I’ve mentioned many, too many, times in the past I don’t have a proper place (still) for producing figure review photos. So this time I decided to use the object that replaced that space I once had, the black couch!  No no no, not “the casting couch”, though… No! Mind out of the gutter Aka! You have a beautiful waifu! Too many waifu ruin your laifu! Remember that! It is a wise adage with which to live your laifu. Anyway, I think the photos turned out better than I thought they were going to and I might use “the casting couch” black couch again in the future when I get the urge to open another figure. I really should get that urge more often, I’ve got way too many unopened.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-02 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-03 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-04 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-05 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-06

Where to start, well, I guess I’ll start off with the problems. In terms of actual problems rather than personal opinion there’s just one and it’s her base. She stands on it fine I guess, but the peg for her left foot doesn’t really enter it, the foot doesn’t sit flat on the plastic and only seems to just touch the peg. I worry over time this will cause an issue if it isn’t one already. I’m not sure if it’s by design or what but I feel like her foot should contact the plastic more securely. And if her foot is supposed to be angled, they usually include some molding in the base to make sure everything sits securely.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-07 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-08 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-09 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-10 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-11 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-12 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-13 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-14

Getting into the more personal opinion problems of this figure there are a couple. Firstly, I don’t like this eye patched Assuka look, I like seeing both her eyes, I’m not into pirates. I understand however that’s how she is in the movie and so I have to take it as is. And in the same vein that jacket, it’s nice that it makes it different from a normal Assuka figure but in many ways I’d like the trifecta to be complete and proper. Ignoring that, it seems odd to wear the jacket regardless with the plugsuit, shouldn’t she have sweat pants on or something too? Or is it just so she has somewhere to put her hands and act cool? I do however like the cat eared hat, possibly could have been some different colours but whatever, I want one for Dollfie Horo and/or Alice.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-15 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-16 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-17 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-18 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-22 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-21 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-20 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-19

One more bit of information, apparently others have received their Assuka in a damaged state. The box condition was fine, the shipping box I believe also fine, however Assuka’s head had broken off in transport. So if you’re ordering the April ’15 re-release or aftermarket copies of the original release this might be something to keep an eye on and/or ask specifically about. If you’re like me and leave figures for years before you open them this could be a problem, so it might be a good idea to check her immediately after she arrives. I was lazy and just shook her box a little bit and that was enough to satisfy me.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-23 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-24 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-25 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-26 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-27 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-28 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-29 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-30 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-31

Not really a problem but a curiosity, it’s been a while since I watched the movie so I’m definitely not remembering everything, but I’m not sure why Asuka has the Royal Air Force roundel on her hat. Maybe there’s a current connection or a fictional one, but her being ¾ German, ¼ Japanese, and an American… I really don’t understand. The only connection I can find is that the red dot in the middle was painted over in May 1942 because it could be mistaken for the “Hinomaru” carried by Japanese aircraft. That doesn’t seem like a reason to wear one.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-32 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-33 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-34 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-35 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-36 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-37 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-38 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-39 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-40 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-41 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-42 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-43 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-44 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-45 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-46 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-47

Now on to the great things! Her ASS! Did I mention how great it is? What a tight and toned ass, and those thighs too. Assuka must have been doing squats between movies. As always Alter has done a great job with paint, everything seems to be the exact right tone, nice shading, really nothing to complain about and business as usual. Her ass is just splendid though, right? I know!

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-48 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-49 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-50 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-51 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-52 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-53 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-54 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-55 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-56

Her being a 1/7th scale figure like the more recent Kotobukiya Eva figures she should fit in with that grouping quite well. Which is quite good because I consider that Ayanami Rei figure to be the definitive Rei and that Mari figure is quite good as well. That set really needs a solid Assuka because the one it came with isn’t all that wonderful in my opinion, well made, but not well suited to the character. Alters Assuka captures her character better and so I’m happy to call her the definitive Assuka, for the part in the movies in which she appears this way anyway. She’ll never be the definitive Assuka though which is really her only failure aside from the base. Her flowing hair is wonderful, her cute hat is great, I love how she’s just touching the brim of it, though there is an alternative arm and head with different flowing hair if you like her better without the hat. I like how her expression isn’t some serene thousand mile stare, I like that it’s not an out of character happy expression, she’s angry and she looks it. “I know all about your little jerk-off fantasies about me. Go ahead, do it like you always do… I’ll even stand here and watch.” For those unaware, that is a direct quote from the series.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-57 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-58 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-59 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-60

With the re-release of this figure upcoming this might be the most relevant figure review I’ve written in quite some time. She’s a great figure and these days I guess her price is competitive at ¥8,960 as paid. But when I first started collecting 1/7th scale figures they were available for as low as ¥4,800 (2007 Kotobukiya’s Plug Cryostat) and ¥6,190 (2008 Good Smile’s Ryougi Shiki). I just find it harder and harder to justify the inflation, sure Assuka is considerably better than Plug Cryostat, but the detail work on Ryougi Shiki is quite good and the subtle pink of her kimono is awesome. Is Assuka worth 45% more money? Well, she really does have a great ass.

24, the number of times “ass” is mentioned in this post. Be it by itself or in another word.
31, the number of times her ass shows up in a photograph. 43 if being generous, out of 64 photos.


Some shots I just couldn’t find a place for but wanted to post anyway.

alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-61 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-62 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-63 alter-shikinami-asuka-langley-jersey-ver-64


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