5.364: Post-Christmas Pre-New Years

It’s nearly the end of the year and despite my lazy efforts I never did finish writing all the missing doll meet posts. So in their place here’s some photos I took over Christmas.

Despite all the time I’ve had off over the holidays I didn’t manage to get a lot of photos in for a number of reasons. I was staying with my family for most of it and my Mom had too many guests over that she didn’t want me weirding out or having to explain the dolls to. I understand this, there’s a time and a place for everything and explaining to all your friends that your son plays with really expensive anime dolls isn’t one of those things you want to do when you’re busy busy busy throughout the holidays. Add in that there were children and explaining to them that they’re not allowed to touch them, and then explaining to the parents why their kids can’t play with the dolls etc… It was just far far easier to keep them in the doll bag. In addition to all that, the weather sucked, sure it was warm, but it was not good for outdoor photos. So, here’s some quick Christmas tree photos I was able to sneak in.

5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-02 5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-03 5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-04 5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-06 5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-05

You might recognize this pose from a previous photo of mine. This time however I’ve made it a bit more sisterly, less fondling and less bedroom eyes. I think that last bit is just more inferred in the original than an actual change since you know, they’re dolls.

5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-07 5.364-post-christmas-pre-new-years-08

This pose ended up taking up all of the time. I’d tried to get them both balancing standing up without a stand. After about 20 minutes of no success, I just pulled out a stand and put Alice on it. Then hid it with the placement of a teddy bear Christmas ornament, Horo’s tail, and some angles. The one on the left looks better, but I like how wide angle lenses make their legs look longer, particularly Horo’s, so I included the one on the right as well.

Merry Christmas (Happy Festivus), and a happy new year! I’ve got big plans for myself in 2016, I hope I have the energy and willpower to finish them as planned.

Sadly those plans don’t involve the site, or the dolls… I’ll do my best not to neglect either entirely though!



  1. Rajura says:

    Glad to see you got something going with Holo again. Her outfit suits her, and I agree with your assessment of the wide-angle lens. She looks adorable. Did she get new hair? It looks softer for some reason.

    This will also be the year the novels end for the Western World… and maybe the manga for the East. I will just have to start working on a leather bound omnibus for my personal collection… with all typos and picture locations fixed.

    Take care Aka!

    • Aka says:

      I just haven’t had the energy (and sometimes time) to get out and take photos. I’d like to, I feel bad all the time that they’re just sitting in my room at home. I also haven’t had many ideas of places to go or photos to take.

      Horo’s in a different wig. I’ve used it before in photos like these ones (scroll two thirds down~). It’s not ‘correct’ for Horo, but I think she looks cute with her hair shorter and floofed out sometimes. I’ll swap back at some point.

      I look forward to reading the last novel, I’ve had many things spoiled over the years, but I still need to read it all the same. I also look forward to the end of the manga, partly because I’m hoping there’ll be an artbook released with all those art cards that were distributed in Japan with the release of each volume. They can’t be found on any image boards, it’s disappointing.