Toronto Doll Meet 15.3-15.12: The I Got Lazy Update

It’s been a difficult year for a number of reasons I wont get into, but because of them I’ve pretty much slacked entirely on each and every hobby of mine. There aren’t a lot of photos from each meet but as this post contains pretty much an entire years worth it’s a couple pages long. I’ve summarized each meet as best I could remember, the gist of it all should be right.


This meet was my two year anniversary in the hobby and took place at the same location as the first meet I attended, Cafe Princess. PlasticFantastic once again brought out her Airy, the doll that ended up convincing me to get into the hobby. Though she didn’t have Mashiro’s ears or tail like she did when I first saw her. Archangeli hooked me all the little chicks you see in the photos. I believe this might have been the first time Caitixcat attended a TADDMUG meetup. She brought a VMF50 Super Sonico who can be seen standing in front of MrCool’s Yukino and Xsnrge’s Saber Extra. Xsnrge also brought out a new girl of his, who’s right beside Horo though I’m not sure of her name. Unfortunately I can’t remember who the other girls belong to.



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While I definitely attended this meet I didn’t take any photos. Except of my motorcycle which I parked next to a fire hydrant and got a ticket. In my defense, I did not see the hydrant when I parked, there were a whole bunch of people standing around it. So that was an expensive lunch. Note the motorcycles parked on the sidewalk, they didn’t get tickets.


I believe also at this meet we had a new girl in attendance, though I’m not sure of her forum/online alias*.

Because I didn’t take any photos of the meet, here’s a photo of Horo and Alice in my car.



Anime North happened in this month which I haven’t attended for around a decade so I didn’t join the group as that’s where everyone would be. Though I almost attended this year, I was eventually convinced I should go but just after my opportunity for a pass had expired. Oh well, perhaps next year. Since I don’t have photos from this month, here’s a photo of Horo and Alice sitting at home. I’d borrowed some eyes from PlasticFantastic for Alice to try something  new, and while I liked their brighter colours, I didn’t end up liking their design. They look nice, but only in a few photos, the rest of the time I found her looking creepy.



The plan was originally to go to Centre Island for this meet but due to weather we were forced inside. So we all headed to PlasticFantastic and Dioptricstraw’s apartment for some kitties and puppy lovin’s, and of course dolls. Dioptricstraw’s younger sister brought her two dogs over, Indigo and Gryph. So they got dressed up. Once again Airy was included in the group for my sake (probably) because she was already there anyway being that she’s PlasticFantastic’s and we were at PlasticFantastic’s. I believe the Miku in the back is nkei’s as well as the girl 2nd from the right, and the Ranko beside her is Meo’s but I think PlasticFantastic was borrowing her. The SmartDoll Mirai in the back left and blue eyed Alice in the back right are Archangelis. MrCool brought his new girl out as well, she’s the pink haired on in the front row. And of course, my Horo and Alice. Alice still has those eyes I was borrowing in these photos.

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