Toronto Doll Meet 16.2: Cafe Princess

Once again we attended Cafe Princess, you may recognize the pink walls from past posts. Archangeli booked us the party room once again and the TADDMUG group did a decent job of filling the whole room. It wasn’t the fullest we’ve made that room mind you, but it was cosey enough.


I was mostly distracted this meet as I’d brought a former co-worker and friend along and was introducing them to the hobby. I’d ordered two items from Comiket 89 and had them sent along with his stuff to save on shipping and proxy fees etc. So initially I’d invited him out as more of a catch up and exchange C89 material meetup. I’d mentioned the doll meet as it’d be easier for me since I don’t live very close to Toronto, two bird with one stone. Turns out he was interested in the dolls! So that was fun!

toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-03 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-04 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-05 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-06

I don’t think there was a theme for this months meet so I just picked one myself. Which seemed to fit in rather well with what everyone else decided to dress their girls in. Figured February has Valentine’s Day and Cafe Princess seems like a date spot, I dressed Horo and Alice and some dating attire. Which is what I did last year for February as well, but I at least made sure to reverse the outfits this time so they weren’t wearing the exact same thing as last year.

toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-08 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-07

Tallen brought my favourite fluffy snake along, Chester the Tea Monster, so I wrapped him around Alice like I always do when he’s around (except this time). I had the revelation today as I was writing this post, I don’t like snakes, but I like Chester. I’d always maintained it was because he had the best body to tail ratio, that is, an infinite body to tail ratio. All Chester is is a head and a tail. But, perhaps, would I like snakes if they were fluffy?

toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-09 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-10 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-11


As mentioned I was distracted during the meet so I didn’t get all the information about everything, nor was I able to talk to everyone… so I’m not sure why we had this floating head sitting in this small girls lap. Perhaps some ‘nice boat’ action happened and I’d missed out.

toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-12 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-16

Afterwards we went out for Korean food at the Owl of Minerva, which has the most Harry Potter sounding name. Apparently it’s Greek mythology though, which still seems really odd for a Korean restaurant, but it sounds cool. Knowing this in advance I chose not to wear a shirt I cared about. For whatever reason, I cannot eat Asian foods without making a mess all over my shirt, the noodles or food just slop sauce all over the place. And of course because I wore a shirt I didn’t care about I didn’t slop sauce on it at all. Go figure.

And to finish off the day, this Ferrari parked next to my Saabaru. It’s been a very mild winter.

toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-18 toronto-doll-meet-16.2-cafe-princess-17


Bonus: This is what I ordered from Comiket 89. Full Corlor!