Toronto Doll Meet 16.6: Marché

The turnover rate at Marché must be pretty high, we go there so often but I don’t think we’ve ever been recognized by any of the staff as repeat customers. You think the dolls would stand out and make us pretty memorable. Once again we met at Marché, way back on World Doll Day. Which we didn’t know was a thing until last year, it’s apparently the second Saturday of June.

Unfortunately we didn’t get our preferred room this time, which has better lighting, isn’t next to a (trafficked) door, and offers up much more space. We were kind of shoved into a corner next to a side entrance with barely enough seating for all of us. And to top off the bad luck, check out the photos, notice anything? Look at Horo, what’s missing? HOW THE FUCK DID I FORGET HER TAIL?! I was so disappointed with myself.


When I undressed Horo from Anime North I had to take her tail off to remove all of the outfit and body stocking, this is normal, I do it all the time (Hey hey! NO! That’s not what I mean!). But then I put her into my favourite go to outfit by Volks, the “Going on a date” outfit. Normally I put her in thighhighs with it because I’m like that, but I decided that because it’s summer she should be reasonably bare legged. I commented to myself how something looked like it was missing, but I just assumed it was the thighhighs because I so rarely see Horo’s bare legs. Nope, that was not what was missing. To try and make up for it I wrapped Einstein around her because he’s basically a fluffy tail with a head, but nothing could make up for it. And to top it off, Horo’s ears are all messy. Such such failure…

taddmug-16.6-marche-02 taddmug-16.6-marche-03

Moving on… Last year we tried to do an island meet at some point and got rained out so we relocated to Marché. Unfortunately in doing so one person didn’t get the information and ended up on the island by themselves. Well, this year she made it to Marché! Her doll is the fluffy pink haired girl with the frilly umbrella. Was nice to see she decided to try coming out again despite the misfortune of last year.

taddmug-16.6-marche-10 taddmug-16.6-marche-13 taddmug-16.6-marche-11 taddmug-16.6-marche-12

You might also notice a growing number of Worms & Bones creatures. Di-chan’s Saber now has one, I like it’s colours, the dark red. I think I prefer them to Kopernikus’ colours to be honest actually, but I still like Kopernikus of course. He’s the orange one with Alice btw. Then there’s the nice white and blue tea monster with the little ones, and lastly the pink Gryphon Kitten, I think that’s what it is anyway. One day we’ll have to get everyone to bring their Worms & Bones creatures out, like plasticfantastic’s Glamicorn as she calls it.

taddmug-16.6-marche-05 taddmug-16.6-marche-06 taddmug-16.6-marche-07 taddmug-16.6-marche-09 taddmug-16.6-marche-08

Archangeli had both Tohsaka Rin’s out, I really like the eyes in both of them. I like blue eyes, but I like these ones in particular because they always look good right out of the camera. Many eyes need some post-processing to make them pop and seem less soulless. Alice’s eyes are a good example of that. If I didn’t touch them up you’d just think she had eyes like Kopernikus, solid black rather than the deep purple that they actually are. The funny thing about Rin’s eyes is they always look the most post-processed to me, yet half the time I never even touch them in Lightroom, they’re just that bright.


One thing I’m learning this summer is that I have no summer clothes for Horo or Alice. I can’t seem to decide on anything to buy them either, apparently I’m not a summer clothes kind of guy. Weird, they’d be the most revealing… I’ll bet I’ll find something just in time for the first snow fall. Also I think Archangeli needs to direct photography once again, I remember when I first started going to meets she would always get all the dolls looking at the camera for a proper group shot, I never seem to remember to do this.

Can I even own this domain anymore after forgetting Horo’s tail…


  1. Archangeli says:

    It didn’t help I left super early from this meet – but yes, I’ll make a mental note to get all the dolls looking in the same direction for next time ^_~”

    Rin 2 is wearing her default eyes. I don’t remember where Rin 1’s eyes are from – but I do know I’ve changed her eyes the most of of all the dolls I own. I just could’t get the right look, the right shade of blue or the right shape. If you go back through photos that she’s in you’ll see all the changes @_@”

    • Aka says:

      Show’s how much I pay attention. I never noticed they changed, I only ever noticed how much they popped.

      I think I’ve written 4 months of posts now where I keep saying “I should get archangeli to make the dolls look at the camera because I forget” and then forget to ever mention it to you.