Toronto Doll Meet 16.7: Ward Island

If I weren’t so indecisive this post would have gone up months ago. But for some reason I just could not decide on a post-processing style for the photos. I liked aspects of two different processes I’d tried and just kept flip flopping on them. Eventually I stopped looking and kind of forgot… Now I’m forced to decide to get the post written because I have a back log again!

It’s been so long I can’t remember every detail but I do remember that Horo absolutely had her tail this time. Oh and the weather held up just long enough. The forecast wasn’t the greatest for the day, but Weather Underground did say it was only a 20% chance of rain I believe until later in the afternoon/evening. And it was right on the money, we left the island just in time and managed to get back to our various forms of transportation before the rain started.


A common phrase that I feel I keep repeating, we had some new attendees again! Though really they weren’t new new. I don’t think they’d been to a Toronto doll meet before, but many in the group already knew them. Blinderflower and resinmuncher had recently moved into the area and were able to attend with their dolls. I believe they’re mostly resin collectors (especially given the name resinmuncher) but also have some Dollfies. The blonde on the far right doing the nyan pose and the redhead lying down in the front were both resinmuncher’s.

toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-14 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-15

Amusingly one of the people who live on the island remembered us from last year. I guess we’re not very forgettable so it’s a good thing we’re also very respecting and tidy up the area when we leave. Otherwise being remembered probably wouldn’t go down so well.

toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-04 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-05 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-02 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-03 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-23 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-22 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-06 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-07

One thing I keep forgetting every single meet is to rope Archangeli into being director of photography. Not that she was at this particular meet, but I miss the days of yore when Archangeli would make sure all the eyes were looking towards the camera like a proper group photo. I never do this, I always end up rushing through the photos because to get them I have to disturb everyone in the group and make them move out of my way. I should stop feeling bad about that and just tell them to GTFO until I’m done!

toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-08 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-09 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-10 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-12 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-11 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-13 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-16 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-17 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-18 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-19 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-20 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-21 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-28 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-27

About the photos… One of the reasons they took so long initially was the white balance problems caused by that umbrella. Everyone under it had a different white balance from those outside of it and it would look wonky. But that was remedied reasonably well I guess… The true true reason the photos took so long though were the photos of Alice under the large bush/small tree. I just kept flip flopping back and forth for ages and ages on how I wanted them to look. I always leaned towards one more than the other, but it was always whichever one I’d looked at first that day and because of that I kept waiting and waiting thinking I’d actually end up deciding on one. Well I didn’t, but I went with the first one I opened when I was preparing for this post and I don’t regret that. They look good, just like the others do, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-26 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-24 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-25 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-31 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-29 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-30 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-32 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-33 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-34

And then there was this weird plane. Since I was able to read the identification on the side of the plane I was able to look up the flight path and find the type of aircraft it was. First, it flew out of Gerald R Ford International airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan on route to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on the Toronto Islands, and second, it’s made by the same company that makes Vespas?! It’s a Piaggio P.180 Avanti (twin-turboprop) and after some research it’s not the same company, but both Piaggio & C. SpA and Piaggio Aerospace (formerly Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A.) were founded by Rinaldo Piaggio. Neat little factoid.

toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-35 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-36 toronto-doll-meet-16.7-ward-island-37