Toronto Doll Meet 16.8: Pokemon Go

Unfortunately there aren’t any photos for this meet because it never happened. Sure, TADDMUG¬†got together at Ryoiji in Toronto for a doll meet but that’s not what went down.

Instead of a doll meet everyone except Wildmusings and myself played Pokemon Go while sitting in the restaurant. I can’t speak for Wildmusings, but I was not impressed. To attend these meets I drive 120 km (240 km round trip) and spend a considerable amount of time on the motorcycle or in the car in traffic. To travel all that way to watch people play on their phone was absolutely not worth my time, even if I consider everyone who attends my friends. I have better things to do, especially during the weekend this meet happened as I was supposed to be in Grand Bend at a cottage hanging out with family who’d flown in from British Columbia. I’d made time for the meet because I was the one who complained it hadn’t had a date set yet and it didn’t seem right to complain and then not attend.

I’m told by those who played Pokemon Go the whole time that they enjoyed the meet and that I should just stop being so grumpy.

So instead of doll meet content, here’s a photo of the storm I ended up driving through on the way to Grand Bend after the meet had ended. As dark as it looks in this photo, the original unprocessed photo was actually darker. I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to drive into it, but I did, and it wasn’t. No injuries or damage, but I definitely couldn’t see where I was going and had to pull over somewhere safe¬†pretty quickly.