6.279: Bridge on the River Kei

Back while it was still summer and the weather was a bit too hot and humid, a former co-worker and friend of mine asked me out for some ice cream and photos along the Grand River in Cambridge. Naturally, as we were both doll collectors we brought them along too.

While I think there were probably many places along the lake side path to take photos, I wasn’t seeing them as we walked. I was too busy talking away and randomly looking at things to consider their doll photographic qualities. We walked a good portion of the path before we hit a clearing and decided that we should probably just take some photos before the sun set too much.

6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-02 6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-03 6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-04 6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-05

As the sun set the lighting just got better and better and better. Unfortunately I think Alice looks a bit cross eyed in the photos, but we can pretend that was intentional. Maybe she just didn’t want to do the photo thing and was trying to ruin them! Horo got zombified and kind of just left her in that pose for a couple shots. Kei’s two dolls were of a different scale so we tried to accommodate that but I think next time we could probably do a better job. Kei might have gotten some better shots of the 4 together.

6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-06 6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-07 6-279-bridge-on-the-river-kei-08

I really need to get outside and take photos more often. I feel that I’m starting to really lack in some essential skills that I used to have. Paying attention to more of what I’m photographing and getting it right more often, and experimenting with ideas more.

Does anyone even know the movie Bridge on the River Kwai anymore?