5.364: Post-Christmas Pre-New Years

December 30, 2015

It’s nearly the end of the year and despite my lazy efforts I never did finish writing all the missing doll meet posts. So in their place here’s some photos I took over Christmas.

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Toronto Doll Meet 15.2: Valentine’s

February 20, 2015

Last weekend was TADDMUG’s (Toronto-Area Dollfie Dream Meetup Group) monthly meet. We met up at Marché in downtown Toronto, one of our usual restaurants as they’ll happily accommodate our unpredictable group size rather easily. It was a smaller group than we’ve had in the past but it was also ridiculously cold outside, so I don’t really blame anyone for not wanting to leave the warmth of their home. It was almost cold enough that temperatures read in both °F and °C would have been the same!

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Toronto Doll Meet 15.1: First Meet of the Year

January 24, 2015

Being the first meet of 2015 I guess some people were still recovering from Christmas/New Years or perhaps fulfilling their new years resolutions or something, as the meet was a bit smaller. We were “just” nine, and were out numbered by dolls two to one. The theme was sweaters and while not everyone had one, everyone did look bundled up for winter so that worked just as well.

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Toronto Doll Meet 14.12: Gopher T

December 11, 2014

It’s winter once again here in Canada and of course that means indoor only meets. The Toronto Dollfie group met at GoForTea (Gopher T) again and took over the party room. We also annoyed other customers by using our flashes all over the restaurant which made me feel intrusive and a little bit bad, but no one seemed to mind despite it. So that was nice of them.

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4.293: Time Lapse at Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area

October 21, 2014

The last time I was at Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area, it was a surprisingly warm day in the middle of winter. I took my motorcycle and Tsuru no Yakata’s Horo figure there for some photos. People thought I was a bit nuts riding my sport bike in the winter, but hey it was 11°C! Kind of similar this time around, except it was much warmer, not winter, and I spent hours there capturing sunset. Oh and there were leaves on the trees! I guess the only similar bit was I brought Horo again (and Alice) and rode a motorcycle.

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Quickie 4.288: Visiting Plastic Fantastic

October 15, 2014

A while back, after returning from Colorado, I visited relatively local Dollfie collectors and friends, Plastic Fantastic (PF) and her husband, to catch up on life, the universe, and everything. PF wanted to see the mori outfits I’d bought and I wanted to see the 25 dolls she has again. Ok maybe I really just wanted to see Amber, the doll PF used to convince me I needed a Dollfie in my life.

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Colorado Trip #4.6: Photo Recap + Bonus

October 10, 2014

While in Colorado I encountered a number of problems some severe, some not so much. One of those problems happened to be poor quality monitors with even worse calibration (if any). As such I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if the post-processing I’d applied actually looked good or not. Ultimately that’s subjective anyway, but never the less I’ve reprocessed the photos and added in a couple extras as well.

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