Dollfie Horo 1.0

August 2, 2013

Up until now I’d (usually) referred to my Dollfie Horo as “almost Horo”, she was missing something important in establishing her identity. Recently however that particular item arrived.

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Toronto Doll Meet July ’13 – Edwards Garden

July 16, 2013

Originally this meet up was supposed to take place on Toronto island again, however due to the 41st Festival of India taking place there we opted to go with our backup plan. Then we were reminded that the Honda Indy Toronto race was taking place which would make downtown crazy. And on top of that, there were parades and other festivals, so a last minute change of venue was made and we visited Edwards Garden just off Sunnybrook Park, far away from the downtown core.

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Toronto Doll Meet: June ’13 – Toronto Island

June 10, 2013

This past Saturday I attended yet another Dollfie meet with the Toronto crowd. It was a smaller meet than the April meet was, but there was a guest from a good distance away, Otakusan. And so, we headed to Toronto Island for a pot luck picnic beside lake Ontario with downtown Toronto as our backdrop.

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Toronto Doll Meet: April ’13

April 29, 2013

Yesterday I attended my second doll meet in Toronto. We went to Manpaku in the downtown core, next to the Ontario College of Art & Design, and then ventured out into Grange Park. Rather, everyone else went to Manpaku, I showed up late and just went to the park as well as some after meet stuff. None the less, it was a good turn out, twice as many people and dolls as March’s meet at Café Princess.

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