Colorado Trip #4.1: Mt Evans with the Girls

August 24, 2014

Despite having been in Colorado now for two weeks already, I’ve barely done anything. I’ve taken a couple cruises through the foot hills, but not taken a single photo until yesterday when Gibwar and myself took our girls up the 14er known as Mt Evans. You may recall I rode up it last year as […]

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Toronto Doll Meet 14.6: High Park

June 23, 2014

With Anime North and subsequently Doll North last month and my choosing not to attend, I didn’t get to meet up with everyone until this month. It certainly felt like quite a long time, so much so that I’d actually gone out to take photos without a doll meet, which is something else that hadn’t happened in quite a while (though I haven’t posted them yet). Even still I don’t feel as though I talked to everyone much, maybe I did, but I mostly remember desperately trying to get a good photo in various places with Horo and Alice and mostly failing.

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Toronto Doll Meet 14.4: Last Meet before Anime North

April 29, 2014

April is a busy month for many of the crew who attend the Toronto doll meets. Between Easter and preparing for Anime North, weekends are just as busy as weekdays. So scheduling becomes an issue for some and as such pushed us right back to the last day of the last weekend in April.

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The Original Tailgrab, Eight Years On

April 3, 2014

Instead of celebrating the five year anniversary of Tailgrab.Org(y), which would have been in February, I figured I’d do something a little bit different. Celebrating where Tailgrab got it’s name, the original tailgrab.

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March 25, 2014

Last week Google’s Chromecast device was made available in Canada, a little hesitant I decided to purchase one. At just some $40 it seemed like even if it didn’t do everything I hoped, it would probably still be worth it.

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Toronto Doll Meet 14.2: Valentine’s

February 12, 2014

This winter has kind of sucked, it’s been too cold much of the time and made me generally unwilling to go outside for tasks like photography. Even though I’ve wanted to for quite some time. But, a group gathering will always get me out and about despite the weather. Visited the Toronto Dollfie crew once again, this time at Go for Tea in Markham.

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Kuonji Alice

January 13, 2014

Just before my trip to British Columbia near the end of October Kuonji Alice arrived as my second Dollfie Dream. I hadn’t really intended to get a second Dollfie so soon, but it happened, and here she is.

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