Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.) by Wave

March 28, 2011

Wave, known for making 1/10th scale bikini laden figures, has done what no other figure company could manage. They’ve given Asuka her own face! She’s not looking off into the distance serenely, she’s not overly content or happy, no, she’s tsundere! Was that so hard to accomplish? Good Smile Company? Kotobukiya? Yeah I didn’t think so.

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Kiki Oki by Yamato

March 22, 2011

If I were a religious man, I’d most certainly be going to hell. I worship a false idol (Horo), the first sentence of this post is heresy, and Demon-girls are almost always sexier than their angelic counterparts. They wear less, they’re more playful and they’re kinkier. Actually I take that back, the stories I hear about Catholic High Schools is they’re full of girls like Kiki Oki. Not the wings or tail of course, but the innocent outward appearance with a certain lack of modesty underneath their skirt. I don’t remember any girls in my Catholic High School doing that though, obviously I was in the wrong school.

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Kanbaru Suruga by Kotobukiya

March 15, 2011

From the moment Kanbaru made her entrance in Bakemonogatari I knew I’d enjoy her character. Running to catch up with Araragi we see only her legs for the first couple of times she’s on screen, however the viewer is treated to a pleasant surprise once she catches up with him. Kanbaru jumps over Araragi and Hachikuchi and upon landing we’re greated with this as our view. Wonderful thighgap and the outline of her bum. So some how this figure seemed very fitting of her.

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Matrix Sentinel by Hot Toys

March 7, 2011

Often times I buy a figure for, shallow as it may be, their looks. Other times perhaps I like the character and ignore some of the more obvious production or design faults. This item however falls into neither category. I have no feelings towards the Matrix Sentinel, it wasn’t a character I fell in love with nor is it particularly attractive, actually it’s probably the least attractive thing I own. I suppose at best it’s kind of badass but mostly it’s just squid-like. For the first time I bought an item solely on it’s poseability.

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“World is Mine” Hatsune Miku by Good Smile Company

March 1, 2011

Now that I’m back in the game I thought I should get a review out the door as soon as possible. However, instead of doing something new I decided to go back to April 21st, 2010. What happened on that date? Well, Toronto had 13 hours 43 minutes of daylight and a waxing crescent moon that night. But more importantly I wrote a review for Hatsune Miku “World is Mine” and then never published it. It was 1400 words and had no pictures because I couldn’t produce a set that I liked. And to be honest, I still haven’t managed to produce one I’m 100% in favour of. So what will follow today is a mix of pictures I’ve taken of Hatsune Miku “World is Mine” and an edited version of the original review.

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Wishlist: Wonder Festival 2011 (Winter)

February 22, 2011

Well it took forever but here it is, weeks late but it’s better late than never right? Perhaps I’m even fashionably late! Comparing this WonFes post to my previous it’s a bit smaller and has less pictures, I attribute that to just a lack of interest in a lot of stuff displayed this season. Entire companies with not a single product of interest to me can cause quite a shrink. Since the article is smaller and I’ve upgraded my server since last WonFes hopefully there’ll be no errors spewed or long load times this time around! (Y’all remember that right? So long ago.)

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Review: Alter’s Sasasegawa Sasami

November 22, 2010

Sasasegawa Sasami, I knew you had black panties when I ordered you (thank you relfections!) but I am disappoint. Your black panties are plain and boring and your crotch rather wide!

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Photography: My Studio

November 17, 2010

Some of you may recall this little post from March 11, 2009. A modest little setup that I used for quite a few reviews. Since then not much has changed, I no longer use my desk but beyond that it’s been a progression.

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