GoPro HD

August 10, 2011

A month and a half after purchasing my big new toy, a Suzuki SV650S, I decided I should get some kind of camera to go with it. Originally wondering if this was a good excuse to purchase a new dSLR w/ video I was instructed that mounting a dSLR to a moving object is better suited to someone with more money than I have, in case the inevitable happens, it falling off at speed and shattering into a million zillion pieces. So I opted to go cheaper and smaller with a GoPro HD.

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Quickie: Tobermory

July 26, 2011

Been thinking of taking this ride for a while and decided to finally get ‘er done today. I think it might have been a bit ambitious, a sport bike can be pretty hard to sit on for great lengths and today I did ~550 km / ~340 miles. While I was there I grabbed lunch and watched the Chi-cheemaun arrive, a ferry I’d ridden once when I was perhaps 6 years old. Never realized it was in Tobermory until today. It looks like I have to go back there though, I was talking with a grandma and she told me about a bunch of things I need to check out. Such as the grotto at Cyprus Lake, as well as the glass bottom boat to see all the ship wrecks, among other things.

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Nude Horo Cosplay

July 22, 2011

While I’ve never really been truly happy with any Horo cosplay (or most cosplay in general) there have been some that have stood out. Now, I’ll admit originally these all stood out because they were nude but after contemplating the issue the thought started to occur to me, isn’t it amazing someone would cosplay a nude anime character for no monetary gain (that I’m aware of) and only their adoration of the character as their motive?

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Flaws @ f/45

July 15, 2011

During my Houmei photoshoot I stopped down my Sigma EX 105 mm f/2.8 DG Macro lens to f/45 for a shot in an attempt to capture more focus into the frame. This often turns out to be more of a pain than I think it will be as it reveals every piece of dust that has affixed itself to my sensor. And in addition to each piece of dust, revealed also are the streak marks from the many attempts to clean the sensor.

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Ride to Conestogo Lake

July 11, 2011

All weekend I’d been crazy lazy and accomplished little of anything. I wanted to go out for a ride but I didn’t feel like buying a paddock stand and lubricating my chain, plus it was hot and I was lazy. So today I got up early, got the cheapest paddock stand I could and learned me how to lubricate a chain properly via The YouTube. But god damn it was hot out (for Canada), so I waited, napped, waited and finally it was cool enough for a ride at 19:30 tonight. So I hit up Conestogo Lake and took a picture.

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Ride to Long Point

July 8, 2011

Rode down to Long Point Ontario today for fun and along the way I caught a glimpse of the above. Would have liked to get the bike in the picture as “proof” I was there but there was an ugly fence in the way unfortunately. Lots of beautiful scenery to be had, I wish I’d taken more pictures and I probably would have if it wasn’t a bright early afternoon. Harsh shadows and blown out skies aren’t fun.

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Photography: My Studio

November 17, 2010

Some of you may recall this little post from March 11, 2009. A modest little setup that I used for quite a few reviews. Since then not much has changed, I no longer use my desk but beyond that it’s been a progression.

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Photography: Mosport

August 31, 2010

Remember when I used to feature car stuff here? No? Me neither, but the navigation bar tells me I otherwise. However unlike the past this post should be slightly more interesting.

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