Photography: Around the City

July 19, 2010

No review this week, but in it’s place another post about my personal photography. Last time I chose the theme “Black & White” this time it’s “Around the City”.

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I’m in Print!

July 13, 2010

Back in April I was approached by the chief editor of a Hungarian anime magazine requesting the use of some of my pictures.

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Sigma EX 105 mm f/2.8 DG Macro

June 25, 2010

I’ve always wanted to be able to take macro shots with my DSLR and it’s always angered me that P&S cameras can do it naturally. Rubbing it in worse, seeing foo-bar-baz’s pictures with his AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED I felt I had to have one. My reverse mounted AF Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8D just wasn’t cutting it. So I took the plunge…

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Photography: Black & White

May 24, 2010

Unfortunately this week I was unprepared for a figure review and just didn’t feel like trying to rush through one. Instead, I’ve decided to post up a few pictures I’ve taken in the past, all of them before I started collecting anime figures (though not before I had some at all). The idea to do this stems from a question I was asked by @Drossel_vF on Twitter.

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Nikon SB-600, yay!

March 12, 2009

On Tuesday this week I finally decided to go out and buy a real flash for my aging Nikon D100. Up until now I’d been using the onboard flash, which frankly, sucks donkey balls. On occasion I can get a pretty decent shot with it, but only if I use paper to bounce the light […]

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Lighting’s all wrong!

March 11, 2009

After glancing around the internets for others who are photographing their figures, I think my lighting system needs some tweaking. As well as perhaps my process. Currently the area I shoot the pictures is pretty basic, just 3 lamps and a back drop. And I felt this worked well enough until I started to notice […]

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Edward Burtynsky

March 6, 2009

Another oldy here. Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer whose works center around industry and how they change the landscape. Showing us the beautiful side of industrial pollution and construction.

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