Damn you’re fast Amazon; Spice & Wolf Vol.4 (Manga)

July 14, 2011

July 12th I realized I hadn’t ordered Spice & Wolf vol.4 (Manga) so I went and did so. I figured the book would arrive on Friday but I keep forgetting how fast Amazon is. The book shipped and arrived at my door step the same day! All for the measly cost of $3 shipping. <3

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Ride to Conestogo Lake

July 11, 2011

All weekend I’d been crazy lazy and accomplished little of anything. I wanted to go out for a ride but I didn’t feel like buying a paddock stand and lubricating my chain, plus it was hot and I was lazy. So today I got up early, got the cheapest paddock stand I could and learned me how to lubricate a chain properly via The YouTube. But god damn it was hot out (for Canada), so I waited, napped, waited and finally it was cool enough for a ride at 19:30 tonight. So I hit up Conestogo Lake and took a picture.

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Ride to Long Point

July 8, 2011

Rode down to Long Point Ontario today for fun and along the way I caught a glimpse of the above. Would have liked to get the bike in the picture as “proof” I was there but there was an ugly fence in the way unfortunately. Lots of beautiful scenery to be had, I wish I’d taken more pictures and I probably would have if it wasn’t a bright early afternoon. Harsh shadows and blown out skies aren’t fun.

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