Houmei by Alter

July 14, 2011

Quite possibly the most extravagant figure Alter has ever produced and certainly the most complicated figure I’ve ever had to assemble, though not the most frusterating. That honor goes to Good Smile Company’s original Black Rock Shooter figure and that god damned chain. Houmei raises the bar for Alter, sure in the past they’ve had some extravagant figures but always in a fairly modest posture, sitting, standing, leaning etc. Houmei however is riding a stream of water with her clothing flowing in every direction, far more exciting.

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Hatsune Miku (Tony Taka ver.) by Max Factory

July 1, 2011

Despite my affection for this extraordinarily long twintailed princess, I still don’t quite understand her success and popularity. Is it really so simple as her possessing just the right amount of ‘moe’ points for appeal? Or is it that she can be and has been manipulated in so many ways she can appeal to a much broader audience. Whatever it is, I’ve ordered or own a total of six Miku figures (seven if you include Kagamiku) with the majority of those arriving in the first half of this year, but today I’ll be reviewing just one of those for now.

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Buddy by Alter

April 25, 2011

Buddy like many figures of mine was whimsically bought on the recommendation of another. Tier at Tentacle Armada had labelled her his favourite figure of 2010 and prior to that had received a favourable review as well. Before this I had almost no opinion of her good or bad and she’d gone largely unnoticed.

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Makinami Mari Illustrious by Max Factory

April 15, 2011

Standing Max Factory’s Mari next to Kotobukiya’s, I wish I could send Koto’s back to Max Factory for a repaint. She really looks plain and dull next to MF’s Mari, despite the fact she’s insisting I admire her bottom. A demand I have no issue complying with.

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Shikinami Asuka Langley (Apron ver.) by Wave

March 28, 2011

Wave, known for making 1/10th scale bikini laden figures, has done what no other figure company could manage. They’ve given Asuka her own face! She’s not looking off into the distance serenely, she’s not overly content or happy, no, she’s tsundere! Was that so hard to accomplish? Good Smile Company? Kotobukiya? Yeah I didn’t think so.

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Kiki Oki by Yamato

March 22, 2011

If I were a religious man, I’d most certainly be going to hell. I worship a false idol (Horo), the first sentence of this post is heresy, and Demon-girls are almost always sexier than their angelic counterparts. They wear less, they’re more playful and they’re kinkier. Actually I take that back, the stories I hear about Catholic High Schools is they’re full of girls like Kiki Oki. Not the wings or tail of course, but the innocent outward appearance with a certain lack of modesty underneath their skirt. I don’t remember any girls in my Catholic High School doing that though, obviously I was in the wrong school.

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Kanbaru Suruga by Kotobukiya

March 15, 2011

From the moment Kanbaru made her entrance in Bakemonogatari I knew I’d enjoy her character. Running to catch up with Araragi we see only her legs for the first couple of times she’s on screen, however the viewer is treated to a pleasant surprise once she catches up with him. Kanbaru jumps over Araragi and Hachikuchi and upon landing we’re greated with this as our view. Wonderful thighgap and the outline of her bum. So some how this figure seemed very fitting of her.

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Matrix Sentinel by Hot Toys

March 7, 2011

Often times I buy a figure for, shallow as it may be, their looks. Other times perhaps I like the character and ignore some of the more obvious production or design faults. This item however falls into neither category. I have no feelings towards the Matrix Sentinel, it wasn’t a character I fell in love with nor is it particularly attractive, actually it’s probably the least attractive thing I own. I suppose at best it’s kind of badass but mostly it’s just squid-like. For the first time I bought an item solely on it’s poseability.

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